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With the increasing rate of terror attacks, the concern for homeland security has become an exigency for all the countries around the globe. Also, as the homegrown extremism has covered the face of humanity with the most lethal garb, the public places like schools, public buildings,  underground subway networks, waterways, maritime ports, cargos and even the government buildings have become more vulnerable to the terror attacks. Hence, the need of the hour is to build capabilities that can quickly adapt, and recognize conventional as well as non-conventional threats and ultimately prevent such attacks from taking place. Probably, a technology that can encompass such capabilities and have an expanded range of applications to cover all the aspects of Homeland security threats. Now, any Homeland Security threat detection would have specific requirements including detection of elements like Narcotics, explosives, nerve agents, human cargos and even to an extent, fraudulent bank notes.

There are numerous solutions in the market that can individually cater to certain requirements, but,  Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc. (EST) based in California has invented a sensor technology with patent Gas Chromatography solution called the zNose®, which is a one-stop solution for all the threat detection requirements of the homeland security. It can be of great help in preventing the perilous terror attacks by detecting malicious objects through rapid screening of the ambient air. The product line consists a set of unique features that differentiates it from the traditional sensor technologies in the likes of “bomb-sniffing” explosive detectors (Ion Mobility Spectrometer) or traditional electronic nose.


Here is a list of 10 reasons why the government institutions, companies, and agencies prefer using unique technology like zNose® over the traditional solutions:

  1. zNose® uses Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor and ultra-fast Gas Chromatography (GC) technology

The technology of zNose® is patented and employs a proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor and ultra-fast Gas Chromatography (GC) technology to separate vapor samples according to their chemical and physical properties.

  1. Unique Vapor Analyzing Technology:

While the other detectors takes a bit longer to produce the results, zNose® with its unique vapor analyzing technology represents  the complete profile of every possible kind of odors and chemicals in near real time. With VaporPrint, zNose® provides an important graphical feature well suited for Electronic Nose pattern recognition algorithms.

  1. Rapidly Provides Complete Chemical Profile:

With rapid, accurate analysis of chemical odors and vapors, this patented technology helps to provide real-time analysis for quick response solutions and is able to detect all compounds within an odor and provide a complete chemical profile. The trace detection capability of zNose® combined with odor profiling can be an effective method for recognizing the presence of contraband material of all kinds. It identifies and quantifies vapor or particulate trace materials collected from ambient environments in near real-time (< 1 minute). The peak widths are in milliseconds, and retention time is resolved to within 20 milliseconds.

  1. Possesses Tunable Specificity:

It possesses tunable specificity and learns to recognize the chemical signature of virtually any threat, eventually adding any new chemical profile to its database for future detections.

  1. Software of zNose® Includes Expandable Library of over 700 Chemicals & odor signatures:

Its software includes an expandable library of over 700 chemicals and odor signatures allowing the zNose® to recognize virtually any target odor. The electronic odor profiles stored in the library are instrument independent allowing security users to distribute and share odor signatures.

  1. zNose® Is Highly Sensitive:

zNose® is highly sensitive as typically, only 10 cc of ambient air needs to be collected with a 100 ccm inlet flow prior to each analysis. .

  1. zNose® Operate Within a Wireless Network:

The zNose® can operate within a wireless network using either Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, or RF modems with ranges up to 30 meters, that ensures complete portability of the instrument. It can also be remotely linked using an Internet connection. Currently the most recent model is completely mobile using a built-in connection.

  1. zNose®’s Proficient VOC Capabilities:

The effective gas detection VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) capabilities of zNose® applies gas chromatography calculations and technology toward a wide variety of industries, including Homeland Security, Life Sciences, Chemical and Petrochemical, Food & Beverages and Environment.

zNose® identifies the chemical vapors and odors produced by explosives, chemical and biological hazards, using ultra-high speed gas chromatography. Also, chemically analyzes air, water and soil as well as do odor management and remediation. As zNose® is designed for life sciences analysis applications, it can detect odors and chemical vapors. And with parts-per-trillion sensitivity, zNose® performs analyses for plant, animal, health, bacteria and mold purposes and performs a sensory analysis of food provides food and beverage companies.

  1.  zNose®, the ideal vapor force-protection tool:

zNose® is the ideal vapor force-protection tool because it is able to quantify the chemistry of any vapor with pictogram sensitivity and its universal solid-state detector is not ionic and does not require a radioactive ionization element. Because of its universality the zNose® is able to detect and identify virtually any vapor threat including those from explosives, bio-terrorism and bio-chemical threats over the range C6 to C30.

  1.  Requires No High Voltages:

The SAW/GC system used in zNose® requires no high voltages and utilizes essentially all solid states. As zNose® involves no radioactive or hazardous chemicals it is completely safe.

Hence, with all the substantial and unique features, Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc.’s zNose® is an extensively utilitarian device. It is already helping the U.S security agencies to impede the noxious and deleterious attacks before they take place, meeting the threat detection requirements of Homeland Security.


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