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Our Industry Solutions

zNose® is the first electronic nose designed for a wide variety of industry applications and can detect odors and chemical vapors produced by explosives, chemical and biological weapons.

Homeland Security

Ultra-Fast “Digital Sniffer Dog” Security Solutions

Prevents Homeland Security threats by detecting odors and chemical vapors produced by explosives, chemical, and biological weapons.

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Reliable Solution to Detect Chemical Contamination

Identifies the odor of chemical compounds, fuels, fragrances etc. to detect contamination with parts-per-trillion sensitivity.

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Control the level of harmful emissions in the atmosphere with real-time analysis of odors in air, water and soil.

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Food and Beverages

Performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of food aroma & beverage quality check.

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Life Science

Carry fast analysis of odor and aromatic signatures of living organisms with complete chemical profile.

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Analyzes the chemical composition of blood, urine and body fluids with precision and speed.

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  • It deploys best-in-class Gas Chromatography Technology.
  • A simple 3-step process enables it to analyze the chemical signature of any odor.
WHY zNose®?

Better and faster than other electronic sniffers in the market. Understands customer needs & fits into a wide range of industries. There is a big list of reasons why zNose® is…

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The ONE-STOP shop that provides an end-to-end support to our customers 24×7. Our online store offers product accessories, services, spare parts, software updates and…

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