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Do you know in the U.S alone more than 7 million cargo containers come from overseas every year? Thousands of cargo containers around the world pass through every country’s seaports daily, carrying goods we need. But along with legal goods, contraband items such as drugs, explosives, hazardous chemicals, living organisms, radiological weapons, etc. and even humans get transported in these containers. Therefore, cargo and port security are the key components of a nation’s homeland security strategy.

Negligence at ports could cost critically to nations worldwide. Terrorists, weapons, bombs and explosives could enter illegally in a country via sea route by hiding in a cargo container,  which could lead to the death of thousands of people. This is the reason why Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the US is in charge of securing the country from terrorists and their weapons while facilitating legitimate trade and travel, including the monitoring of thousands of sea cargo containers as they pass through CBP screening. These thousands of containers must be inspected quickly and accurately, without any external or internal hindrance.

Therefore, there is an urgency to develop screening methods which are quick, cost-effective and highly adaptive. Electronic Sensor Technology has incorporated all such substantial features and invented an advanced electronic nose called zNose® which is rapid, precise, accurate and highly adaptive. It is also certified by US Environmental Protection Agency and is highly capable of keeping a nation secure. Its robust virtual sensor arrays have the potential to identify suspicious cargoes and gives recognizable olfactory images of explosives, hazardous substances, drugs of abuse, etc. for competent results.

Hence, zNose® can play a significant role in preventing catastrophic terrorism. In case, a terrorist activity occurs, it is capable of minimizing its impacts. Every nation is facing consequences of growing terrorism, smuggling, and other illegal activities in today’s time. Only a robust homeland security system can help the world to fight these issues and zNose® is capable of providing it.


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