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NEWBURY PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)-March 20, 2007–Electronic Sensor Technology Inc (EST). a leading provider of ultra-fast vapor analyzers, and California Testing Authority LLC, (CTA) an innovative leader in certification of cannabis for medical use announced today that CTA will be the EST’s customer in California for the testing and certification of medical cannabis.

Using EST’s zNOSE CTA will test on site the marijuana that is for sale to assure the customer that the product is free from mold spores, insecticides and other hazardous chemicals. In addition CTA will provide labels that provide the customer with information on the strength and character of the marijuana.

Cannabis or medical marijuana has been shown to have several well-documented beneficial effects. Among these are: the amelioration of nausea and vomiting, stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients, lowered intraocular eye pressure (shown to be effective for treating glaucoma), as well as general analgesic effects (pain relief).

About Electronic Sensor Technology: 
Founded in 1995, Electronic Sensor Technology has developed and patented a chemical vapor analysis process. EST’s product provides near real time analysis of gasses detecting volatile organic compounds in amounts as low a one part per trillion. EST’s product has been shown to detect salmonella and e-coli contamination of food sources; chemical warfare agents such as Sarin and Agent Orange and Chemical pollutants in the environment.

SEC Filings and Forward-Looking Statements 
This press release includes forward looking statements, including the Company’s expectations regarding its ability to develop and access capital markets and its ability to achieve expected results in the chemical detection and analysis industry. The forward looking statements are identified through use of the words “potential,” “anticipate,” “expect,” “planned” and other words of similar meaning. These forward-looking statements may be affected by the risks and uncertainties inherent in the chemical detection and analysis industry and in the Company’s business. The Company cautions readers that certain important factors may have affected and could in the future affect the Company’s beliefs and expectations and could cause the actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statement made by or on behalf of the Company.


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