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NEWBURY PARK, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2014 – PRLog — Electronic Sensor Technology Inc, announced today that Dr. Lim, founder and CEO of the company resigned effective 1 October 2014.   He is succeeded by Mr. William Wittmeyer, Chief Operating Officer.

Following his retirement Dr. Lim will be working closedly with a Chinese medical company that is using EST’s zNOSE for prescreeing patients for lung cancer, diabeters and heart failure.  The analysis of the trace compounds that can be found in the exhaled breath of a patient is the next wave of non-invasive diagnostic testing.

Menssana Research, of Fort Lee NJ,  published a study showing that breath analysis was able to identify women with breast cancer with the same sensitivity as a mammogram.  Technion has shown that breath analysis can detect lung cancer.

Electronic Sensor Technology is the manufacturer of the zNose, a high speed highly sensitive gas chromatography instrument.  The zNose finds application in environmental protection, medical research, consumer goods and security.    More than 800 instruments have been shipped to customers in China, the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.
William Wittmeyer

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