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NEWBURY PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Electronic Sensor Technology (EST) (OTCBB:ESNR), a leading provider of innovative ultra high-speed instrumentation for the homeland security, environmental, flavors and fragrance industries, today announced that it has sold a zNoseâ to the School of Food Science of a leading U.S. University.

The University will use the zNoseâ to teach the student instrumental analysis of food sensory and chemical properties of food.  In addition, the University will perform shelf life and quality analysis of fruit juices, dairy products as well as to study the effect of various processing methods of food.

“This order represents additional market penetration into the Food Science departments of major universities”, saidTeong Lim, Chairman and CEO of EST, “We are very pleased that the academic community recognizes the speed and utility of the zNoseâ in the classroom instruction.”

For details on the use of zNose® for food applications, visit our web site at:



About Electronic Sensor Technology:

Electronic Sensor Technology develops, manufactures, sells, and supports a product line of patented chemical vapor analyzers. The ultra high-speed gas chromatography coupled with a solid state detector enables analysis of nearly any odor, fragrance, or chemical vapor within ten seconds. We believe that the Company’s product line is strategically positioned to address key needs of the homeland security market, environmental and quality assurance applications, and product quality of food and beverage.


William Wittmeyer


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