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Academic publication policy

Electronic Sensor Technology Inc, the manufacturer of the zNOSE high speed gas analyzer has established a program to encourage the publication of research articles that demonstrate the value of the “zNOSE” as a research instrument. EST’s zNOSE has been used by prestigious universities and research institutions including Max Planck, Penn State University and Universiti Putra Malaysia. The instrument provides real time measurements low level (parts per billion) volatile compounds such as pheromones and herbivore-induced plant volatiles.

To expand awareness of the unique attributes of the zNOSE EST is encouraging through a post publication grant researchers to include in their articles the method and results of the use of a zNOSE in their peer reviewed articles.

EST will pay directly to the author or authors or their Institutions the aggregate sum of USD 500 for each peer reviewed and published article in which the zNOSE is mentioned both in the abstract and the body of the article.

To apply for this grant, submit the article and the abstract together with information on the publication in which the article appeared to Electronic Sensor Technology Inc, Academic Grant Committee, 1125B Business Center Circle Newbury Park, CA 93120 United States of America. If the article is published in a language other than English please submit an English translation.

EST will review the submitted article and determine at its sole discretion to award the grant. In accepting this grant, the author(s) grant EST a license to publish the article on its website and to use the article in its promotional activities.

Conditions: All articles shall be published no earlier than 6 June 2010. Articles should be submitted for the grant as soon as possible but no later than 1 year after publication. EST may at its sole discretion provide a grant for Articles submitted more than one year after the date of publication.

EST may change modify to terminate the terms of this grant at any time.

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