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NEWBURY PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Electronic Sensor Technology (EST) (OTCBB:ESNR – News), a leading provider of innovative homeland security and environmental solutions, announced that it has received orders from two different universities for use in plant biology research projects.

The one university will use the zNose® in the Peruvian Rain Forest to better understand the chemical and biochemical processes in the rhizosphere, which is the area surrounding plant roots and includes other plants, microbes, invertebrates and the soil. The mission of the department is to study the rhizosphere in order to develop new antibiotics, anticancer drugs, and bio-friendly pesticides.

The second university’s program will use the zNose® to measure chemicals produced by plants in order to monitor their health.  When plants are under stress from disease or pest infestations, they generate a chemical response.  The zNose is able to measure this chemical response and facilitate detection of plant stress before it becomes visible to the eye.  This will allow timely remediation efforts to take place in order to minimize crop damage.

“These orders demonstrate the versatility and utility of the zNose®” stated Frank Zuhde, Director of Marketing and Sales.  “The zNose® was selected by these distinguished research organizations for its sensitivity, speed and portability.”


About Electronic Sensor Technology:

Electronic Sensor Technology develops, manufactures, sells, and supports a product line of patented chemical vapor analyzers.  The ultra high-speed gas chromatography coupled with a solid state detector enables analysis of nearly any odor, fragrance, or chemical vapor within ten seconds. We believe that the Company’s product line is strategically positioned to address key needs of the homeland security market, environmental and quality assurance applications, and product quality of food and beverage.

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