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Remediation of contaminated soil is an environmental priority for everyone today. During remediation procedures, the contaminated soil is excavated and moved to a remote location where hydrocarbons are separated and the clean soil returned for use as a landfill. But due to this practice, hydrocarbons from coal tars are released in the air, some of which are toxic in nature and their concentration is regulated by the US EPA. Therefore, site managers need to monitor and minimize the release of volatile organic compounds and odors because of the negative impact these emissions cause on surroundings. zNose® is one such tool that detects and quantifies on-site odor and effectively measures VOC emissions. This technical paper covers topics such as:

  • Odor chemistry

  • Odor measurement method

  • On-site odor measurements

  • Naphthalene calibration

  • BTXX and BTEX calibration


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