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Diacetyl is a natural chemical that is produced as a by-product at the time of fermentation process. It is used as a flavoring agent in lot of food products like orange juices, pop corns, etc. As diacytel chemical is of low acute toxicity and will have no major effect if used within the limits of 0.3 mg, it becomes mandatory for Quality Assurance teams to monitor the levels of diacetyl in food items.

So, here is a technical paper on, how to quantify diacytel and limonene levels in orange juice? The paper covers the following topics in detail:

  • Key issues with identifying chemical levels in food items.
  • How the chemical analysis can be carried out with zNose®?
  • 5 step process of testing levels of limonene in Orange juice.
  • 8 step process of testing levels of diacytel in orange juice.


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