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Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc. manufactures and sells a product line of fast and highly sensitive screening devices under the brand name zNose®, which can analyze and identify volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a minute, with parts-per-billion sensitivity. zNose® provides solutions for a wide range of industries using its unique features. Instead of using physical sensors, it creates hundreds of user-defined, virtual chemical sensors for multiple applications. Once a vapor has been detected, zNose® proffers users with visual representations of the vapor for easy interpretation and pattern recognition. Unlike traditional electronic noses, zNose® adapts and learns to recognize the chemical signature of virtually any threat. This technical paper talks about zNose® and covers topics such as:

  • Features and capabilities of zNose®

  • Current security applications

  • Improvements in situational awareness

  • Comparison between IMS vs. zNose®


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