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zNose® is the best in class electronic sniffer that is available in the market today for super quick screening of highly sensitive substances. Developed by Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc. in 1995, zNose® is extremely competent in detecting questionable substances like narcotics, explosives, bank notes, VOCs, adulterants, human cargo, nerve agents and other illegal, toxic,  or dangerous compounds which makes it an essential commodity in the industries concerning Homeland Security, Life Sciences, Chemical and Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Environmental.

The Disruptive Technology

The technology of zNose® is patented and employs a proprietary “Surface Acoustic Wave” (SAW) sensor and ultra-fast “Gas Chromatography” (GC) technology which specializes in separating vapor samples according to their chemical and physical properties.

  • SAW sensors used in the zNose® are special, uncoated chemical vapor sensors that identifies chemicals based on the retention times of the chemical in GC Column. The sensor, with resolution down to parts per trillion, allowing for the creation of a sensitive “lab on a chip”.
  • GC is a common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition. zNose® employs an ultra-fast Gas chromatography technology that enables it to separate chemicals within an odor in near real time.
  • VaporPrint™ Images and Pattern Recognition is a polar plot of chromatogram time with the radial direction being the sensor signal or the derivative of sensor signal. With VaporPrint™, zNose® provides an important graphical feature well suited for Electronic Nose pattern recognition algorithms.

Why zNose®?

zNose® is highly sensitive in detecting even the most concealed compounds. No other electronic nose comes with a library of more than 700 chemicals and odor signatures. Moreover electronic noses that are mainly used for detection of various chemicals don’t use ultra-high speed chromatography to separate chemicals. The Electronic Sensor Technology’s flagship product has been developed with a number of key capabilities that differentiate it from the other products in its category.

There is a big list of reasons why zNose® is the most trusted instrument in the market today.

  • Recognizes odors and fragrances based on their full chemical signature
  • Detects all compounds within an odor and provides a full chemical profile
  • An expandable library of 700+ chemicals and odor signatures
  • Ultra-high speed chromatography to separate chemicals within an odor in near real-time
  • Pattern recognition and trace detection can be performed at the same time


zNose® employs best in class ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave technologies. Its application involves a simple 3-step procedure that quantifies any type of odor within a minute with accuracy, precision and speed.

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